The submitted manuscripts should follow the Editorial Ethics principles.
Please submit:
Author Details (for each author separately):
  • full name in native language;
  • name and surname in English (transliterated if applicable);
  • affiliation at the moment the research was completed;
  • full title of the affiliation in native language and English;
  • postal address of the affiliation in native language and English;
  • position, academic degree, academic title, certification level, research interests and so on – at the discretion of the author;
  • colour photo (head and shoulders);
  • contact data (telephone number, e-mail);
  • exact postal address (in native language and English) for the author’s copy to be sent to.
  • in printed form with the signatures of all the authors sent to the address:
         OOO “Sven”, P.O. Box 77, St. Petersburg, 195220, Russia
         (195220, Россия, Санкт-Петербург, а/я 77, ООО «Свен»);
  • in electronic form via e-mail;
  • about 20,000 characters in length (4 journal pages);
  • preferably in a WORD format (any other word processor format is also acceptable);
  • text formatting is not essential.
  • in separate files not inserted in the text;
  • numbered (do not forget!);
  • the illustration/figure points in the text marked Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. accordingly;
  • with captions, which should be given as a list after the main text and references.
  • colour (only archive photos are published as black-and-white);
  • either:
    • on paper sent to the address: OOO “Sven”, P.O. Box 77, St. Petersburg, 195220, Russia (195220, Россия, Санкт-Петербург, а/я 77, ООО «Свен»);
    • in electronic form via e-mail in JPEG format with the resolution of 300 dpi and medium compression rate.
  • in native language and English;
  • 10-15 words in length;
  • without abbreviations and terms known only for the author(s).
  • 100-250 words in length;
  • without abbreviations, any sort of illustrations, figures, tables and references to them, without references to other literature;
  • structured (if applicable):
    • INTRODUCTION (why the research was conducted and what questions were to be answered);
    • METHOD (how – in what way and with what instruments – the research was fulfilled);
    • RESULTS (what was discovered and which questions were answered – major findings, trends, quantitative results, etc.);
    • DISCUSSION (brief summary of implications of the findings).
  • in native language and English;
  • up to 10 keywords separated by commas.
  • after the main text (before the captions list);
  • in native language and English;
  • the reference points in the text formatted thus [1], [2, 3-5];
  • in the order in which they appear in the text in the following format:
     1. M. Karaman, P.-C. Li, M. O'Donnell. Synthetic aperture imaging for small scale systems. IEEE Trans. Ultrasonics. Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control. 1995, v. 42, no. 3, pp. 429–442.


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