Journal History

The first issue of the journal was published in 1998.

At that time in Russia there were only two periodicals on non-destructive testing – ‘Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing’ and ‘Testing. Diagnostics’. The content of the journals was not always addressed to NDT-practitioners who were substantially short of both Russian and foreign information about modern scientific developments, latest NDT techniques and instruments and their applications to real objects.

Thus the idea to establish a new journal as a substantive platform to enable Russian NDT researchers and practitioners to keep abreast of the latest Russian and foreign developments was born. Two brothers – Alexander and Mikhail Grudsky – undertook to implement the idea. At that time Alexander Grudsky was the owner of the company which supplied NDT equipment to the Russian market while Mikhail Grudsky was an experienced and well known scientist in the field of ionizing radiation. They turned to Prof.Gurvich with a proposal to take the lead and become Editor-in-Chief of the new periodical.

Prof. Gurvich accepted the proposal; this was extremely fortunate for a new journal. At that time Prof. Gurvich was a Vice-President of the Russian Society for NDT and TD and was (and is now) recognized by the worldwide NDT community as one of the founders of the ultrasonic non-destructive testing industry. He anticipated modern development of ultrasound phased array technology in his papers as far back as 1957-1963*. More than a half of the leading NDT specialists in today’s Russia are his pupils and disciples. Not long ago he celebrated his 91st birthday; for 71 of his 91 years he has been working in NDT. His influence is still great and his advice is still priceless. We are proud that he is an unrivalled Editor-in-Chief of the journal despite his age.

The Russian, Byelorussian and Ukrainian Societies for Non-Destructive Testing welcomed a new journal. At that time the NDT Societies had close academic, economic and business links that remain the same nowadays. The NDT World regularly publishes scientific papers by Byelorussian and Ukrainian leading specialists in the fields of magnetic and ultrasonic testing and structural health monitoring.

The journal is managed by the Editorial Council and the Editorial Board. The Editorial Council includes high-level NDT scientists, researchers and practitioners from different Russian regions, Ukraine and Byelorussia, whereas the Editorial Board consists of specialists from St. Petersburg.
73 issues have been published to date containing in excess of 1000 articles written by more than 1500 authors from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, etc.), and CIS (Kiev, Kharkov, Minsk, Baku, etc.) and other countries (Israel, Germany, UK, India, Czech Republic, USA, etc.).
To make the journal available and comprehensible to foreign colleagues, we also publish contents pages, abstracts and information about the authors in English. In 2014 we added English references and in 2015 we changed the numbering system to make it more common to foreign readers.
We are doing our best to make the journal useful and interesting for NDT people all over the world.
*More than half a century ago Prof. Gurvich substantiated and implemented in practice the technique for testing of welds and other objects with an automatically steered swinging ultrasonic beam, and formulated the basic principles, which should definitely be taken into account with this testing technique:
A. K. Gurvich. Impul'snyy ul'trazvukovoy defektoskop [Pulse Ultrasonic Flaw Detector]. Inventor’s Certificate No. 106990 (USSR), publ. 31.05.1957 (in Russ.).
A. K. Gurvich, A. S. Kukli. Shchup dlya ul'trazvukovogo defektoskopa [Probe for Ultrasonic Flaw Detector]. Inventor’s Certificate No. 107280 (USSR), publ. 08.06.1957 (in Russ.).
A. K. Gurvich. Ul'trazvukovaya defektoskopiya svarnykh soedineniy [Ultrasound Flaw Detection of Welded Joints]. Kiev, GITL USSR, 1963, 228p. (in Russ.).


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