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Editorial Council Member
Handling Editor

Date of Birth: 
July 14, 1939

Tel.:  +375 17 284 2344;   +375 29 757 3210

E-mail:  veng@iaph.bas-net.by

Scopus ID:  6701416077

Education:   Ukrainian National Technical University, Kiev (1961)

Academic Degree:  Doctor of Sciences (Engineering) (1990), Full Professor in Applied Physics

Affiliation:   Institute of Applied Physics of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Byelorussia

Research Interest:
  • Physics of magnetic phenomena
  • Barkhausen effect
  • Computerized diagnostics

Academic Councils:
  • Full Member of the Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences (2008)
  • Full Member of the “Academy NDT International” (2008)

Research Management:
  • Founder and Head of the Computerized Diagnostics Laboratory at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences (from the foundation date in 1990 up to now)
  • Head of the Laboratory for Pressure Welding of Belarus Regional Economic Zone (1961-1995)

Editorial Boards:
  • ​Editorial board Chairman of the Belarus NDT Society Journal Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics, Minsk
  • Editorial Board Member of the international journal Technical Diagnostics and NDT, Kiev

Academic Awards:
  • International Dresden Barkhausen Award 2008 for outstanding results on the border line between physics, material science and electric engineering (2008)
  • Award of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences for the outstanding achievements in science (2007)

Academic Publications:
  • Scientific papers – about 300
  • Patents  (USSR, Byelorussia) – more than 70
  • Monographs – 2
  1.     V. L. Vengrinovich, C. A. Zolotarev. Iteratsionnye metody tomografii [Iterative Methods of Tomography]. Belaruskaya navuka, Minsk, 2009, 227 p. (in Russ.).
  2.     V. L. Vengrinovich. Magnitoshumovaya strukturoskopiya [Materials Evaluation by Barkhausen Noise]. Nauka i Technika, Minsk, 1991, 273 p. (in Russ.).


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