Anatoliy K. GURVICH
Date of Birth:
March 27, 1925

More than 70 years in NDT!

Tel.:  007 812 670 7611

E-mail:  editor@ndtworld.com

Scopus ID: 7102983294
Education:  Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation (1951)

Academic Degree:  Dr. Sci. (Engineering)

Academic Status:  Professor (1981)

Research Interest:
Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing

Research Management:
  • Founder and Head of the subdepartment
    “Methods and Instruments for Non-Destructive Testing”
    at the Leningrad/Petersburg State Transport University
    (from the foundation date in 1977 until 2015)
  • Head of the Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing Department
    at the Research Institute of Bridges and Non-Destructive Testing (1953-1993)

Academic Councils:
Corresponding Member of the Russian Transport Academy (1991)

Professional Societies:
Vice-President of the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (from 1992 till 2015)

Editorial Boards:
  • Editor-in-Chief of the technical and scientific journal NDT World (from the foundation date in 1998)
  • Editorial Board Member of the Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing (from the foundation date in 1965)

State Award:
Award of the USSR Council of Ministers (1981)

Academic Award:
Commemorative Medal "W. K. Röntgen - С.Я. Соколов" of International Kuratorium (Germany, Russia) for the major contribution to the development of NDT methods and means (1997)

Titles of Honour:
  • Honorary Member of the “Academy NDT International” (from the foundation date in 2007)
  • Honorary Worker of Railways (1969)

Academic Publications:
  • Scientific papers – 191
  • Books (including monographs, textbooks, reference books) – 11
  • Inventor's certificates – 39
  • Patents of the USSR – 25

Main monographs:
  1. A. K. Gurvich, I. N. Ermolov, S. G. Sazhin. Nerazrushayushchiy kontrol'. Obshchie polozheniya [Non-Destructive Testing. General Provisions].Moscow, Vysshaya shkola, 1992 (in Russ.).
  2. A. K. Gurvich, I. N. Ermolov, M. V. Korolev, et al. Pribory dlya nerazrushayushchego kontrolya materialov i izdeliy [Instruments for Non-Destructive Testing of Materials and Products]. Moscow, Mashinostroenie, 1986, 351 p. (in Russ.).
  3. A. K. Gurvich, V. P. Dovner, V. P. Kozlov, et al. Nerazrushayushchiy kontrol' rel'sov pri ikh ekspluatatsii i remonte [Non-Destructive Testing of Rails during Their Operation and Repair]. Moscow, Transport, 1982, 318 p. (in Russ.).
  4. A. K. Gurvich, I. N. Ermolov. Ul'trazvukovoy kontrol' svarnykh shvov [Ultrasonic Testing of Welded Joints]. Kiev, Tekhnika, 1972, 460 p. (in Russ.).


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