Issue << content << Advanced GIS Status Diagnosis and Monitoring NDT Solution —Portable CR and DR


2013. . No. 3(61) - Sep 2013, pp. 23-28

Advanced GIS Status Diagnosis and Monitoring NDT Solution —Portable CR and DR

Yan Bin, Deng Dayong, He Ximei, Wu Tongsheng, Wang Zhihui, Li Shengping, Zhu Chunwang, Wang Hangli, Liu Senyu

With recent innovations in electrical and computer technology, portable CR (Computed Radiography) and DR (Direct Radiography) have been increasingly used throughout the industrial spectrum over the past 2 years. Portability, high quality imagery and ease of use have diversified the use of radiography for the assessment of critical parts, especially in power generation, aerospace, oil & gas etc. To date, there have been no effective NDT methods for GIS status diagnosis & monitoring. There has always been some potential risk when GIS was operating. This article provides a new, advanced NDT solution to reduce this risk and describes a number of successful application stories.
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