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2014. . No. 4(66) - Dec 2014, pp. 70-75

Magnetic Barkhausen Noise for Reliable Detection of the Heat Affected Zone in Welded Ship Steel Plate

M. M. Blaow, B. A. Shaw

From AIP Conference Proceedings, 1581, 1320-1327 (2014), DOI: Reprinted with permission of AIP Publishing LLC.

The applicability of the Barkhausen noise technique to non-destructively determine the heat affected zone (HAZ) in welded steel plates was investigated. Magnetic Barkhausen noise (MBN) measurements were conducted on welded hot-rolled low carbon ship steel plates to determine the MBN behaviour following the exposure to elevated heat in a localized region by welding. The exciting field was applied parallel to the weld bead. The results showed a variation in MBN level along a line that crosses the weld bead. The MBN intensity was higher in the near weld material compared with a lower intensity when the measurement setup was moved away from the weld bead in both sides of the weld. The increased MBN level was attributed to the induced residual tensile stresses as a result of the shrinkage of the hot zone. The variation of MBN along the measurement line was eliminated after the welded plate was shot peened. The decrease in MBN intensity after shot peening was attributed to the induced compressive stresses. The results were explained in terms of different mechanisms of interaction of domain walls with residual tensile and compressive stresses.
Keywords: welding, magnetic Barkhausen noise, root mean square, residual stresses, heat affected zone, shot peening
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