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2014. . No. 4(66) - Dec 2014, pp. 65-69

Acoustic and Emission Examination at Industrial Safety Expertise in Chemical Industry

R. V. Zhukov, V. M. Davydov, S. D. Riazanov, P. I. Melnikov

The results of acoustic and emission (AE) testing of pressure-operated containers and ball tanks used at ammonia producing in chemical industry are given. AE testing was carried out within the scope of industrial safety expertise. The particular cases are considered, when unallowable defects were detected and then repaired. The containers and tanks were loaded by internal pressure increasing up to a test value. The coordinates of detected AE sources were indicated at the apparatus location scheme and then compared with the results of other testing methods. High performance and effectiveness of the AE method are shown. Industrial safety expertise of ball tanks for ammonia with the use of AE testing had been performed several times during 8 years, so it was possible to observe acoustic activity changing with time. During the following ultrasonic testing a great number of extensive unallowable defects were detected, mainly at locations of AE signals. AE-sources were detected in the ammonia overcooler housing at the pressure, which was much less than the working pressure indicated in the technical passport by the producer; they were confirmed after carrying out visual, dimensional and ultrasound testing. Actual gentle operational conditions promoted trouble-free operation of the overcooler. Substantial increase of AE-sources parameters was observed in desulfurization reactor with increase of the loading pressure; AE-sources were concentrated in the welded joints of the housing. At the locations of critical active III-class AE-sources cracks and metal graphitization were detected by ultrasound and metallographic examinations. The article shows high actuality of the AE method for reliable operation of ammonia synthesis containers under the conditions of ageing equipment fleet and increasing time between repairs.
Keywords: acoustic emission, expertise of industrial safety, ultrasonic testing, chemical industry, ammonia, repair, defect
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