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2014. . No. 4(66) - Dec 2014, pp. 20-26

Continuous Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement of Main Metal and Welded Joints

A. E. Bazulin, V. V. Pronin, D. S. Tikhonov, H. Benites, O. O. Shnel

The problems of sampling ultrasonic thickness measurement are considered in this article. The application of methodologies and technologies using phased arrays are considered.
The principles of application of continuous thickness measurement of pipeline main metal and also measurement of pipeline welded joints bottom surface profile using antenna arrays technology and TOFD (time-of-flight diffraction) scheme are described. The simulations of the inspection scheme basic parameters of the technologies are carried out by the method of ray tubes with application the verified software CIVA.
Examples of application and technologies measurement results on test blocks are given in the article. The development perspectives of methods using digital antenna focusing for visualization and measurement of bottom surface profile are described.
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