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2014. . No. 3(65) - Sep 2014, pp. 60-64

Reliability Operations for Non-Piggable and Difficult Pipelines

I. S. Kolesnikov, V. P. Goroshevsky, S. S. Kamaeva

The article briefly describes fundamentals of pipelines technical diagnostics using magnetic tomography method (MTM). MTM provides remote registration of complex mechanical stresses and calculation of serviceability parameters (maximum allowable operating pressure, gamma-percentile lifetime; estimated repair factor) in areas with metal defects. MTM and AQUA MTM (for subsea pipelines) are also applicable to facilities not subject to the in-line inspection: field pipelines, pipelines of GCS, pumping stations and chemical (petrochemical) production; branch pipelines; bypass connections, etc. MTM data provide the basis for expert appraisal of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities by the real metal state under acting operational loads.
Keywords: magnetic tomography method, non-piggable and difficult pipeline, performance based integrity management program, ECDA\ICDA program
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