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2014. . No. 3(65) - Sep 2014, pp. 30-33

AE Testing Comparative Validity for Solebars and Bolsters of Freight-Car Trucks

V. V. Muravjev

The results of fifteen-year operation of acoustic emission test-stands for inspection of molding car trucks are given in the article. The inspection scheme for molding car trucks at repair work is described. Car trucks solebars and bolsters were inspected with the use of two acoustic emission systems; the results are given. They show life extension of the parts and rejection of defective parts by years. The quantity of solebar fractures en route by years is given versus an age of the part by the fracture moment. Fracture statistics for different manufacturers is presented. Comparative validity calculations for different inspection methods – acoustic emission, visual and electromagnetic – are given as well as methods’ validity results and rejecting data.
Keywords: acoustic emission inspection, VIC, probe-coil magnetic field testing, eddy current testing method, non-piggable and difficult pipeline, molding car truck, defective products, validity
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