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2014. . No. 3(65) - Sep 2014, pp. 26-29

SMART – New Generation of Intellectual Acoustic Emission System

S. V. Elizarov, V. A. Barat, A. G. Shimansky

Article presents intellectual AE-system principles; such a system has upgraded AE-testing process by means of automation and intellectualization of functions commonly performed by an operator. It is supposed that there are the following automated functions in the intellectual AE system: sampling rate assignment for correct time and frequency resolution, adaptive filtering of AE-signals for their efficient detecting against technological equipment noise background and data registration without setting of a threshold, sceto and other parameters by an operator. Data registration procedure uses a non-threshold statistical method of AE-impulses extraction on the basis of acoustic stationary noise properties changing. By means of digital signal processing pulse and continuous signal products are extracted; a continuous product allows identifying leaks, technological noises and pre-destruction continuous emissions. Intelligent AE-system can improve accuracy and reliability of AE-testing.
Keywords: automotive filtering, threshold-free data acquisition, intelligent system, location against noise background
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