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2014. . No. 3(65) - Sep 2014, pp. 20-24

Increase of AE Testing Reliability of Equipment Containing Internal Devices

V. P. Gomera, A. D. Smirnov, E. Yu. Nefedyev

Diagnostics of large-size industrial equipment condition is most efficient when integral nondestructive methods are used, for example an acoustic emission (AE) method. The method makes it possible to optimize application of local testing methods for objects of large size. It solves the problems connected with random choice of zones while testing using only local methods, such as non-productive operations at defect-free zones and a strong possibility to miss zones with fatal flaws. Some methodological techniques for AE data analyzing are presented in the article. Combining different location algorithms and comparing parameters of AE activity zones are used; the techniques help to single out useful information out of the whole massif of registered data and increase efficiency of AE method at testing the equipment containing internal devices.
Keywords: acoustic emission, heat exchanger, planar and 3D location, evaluation of the accuracy of location results
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